Monday, November 27, 2006

Codella Cousins and Thanksgiving

While we were all together for Thanksgiving, all the Codella family except for Angie’s husband Vinny, the moms took the kiddies to the photo studio for the first photo of all six cousins. Here’s the result.

Thanksgiving was terrific—lots of good eats and hanging out with family. We were hit by a yucky stomach bug which has taken its toll (last night on me) but other than that had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

My dad and Brian (my brother) helped me unload two tons of rock into the front yard to finish the landscaping there. We also finished the outdoor lights in front (still a bit more work to do in back). We hung Christmas lights but they’re not all working. When I feel better I’ll venture up on the roof to assess the situation. Brian and I also managed to get a couple of outdoor speakers installed so we can have music when we’re out back. Then Brian helped me hang the center speaker for our entertainment center which I’ve been meaning to do since we got the large screen TV in February.

So even though I have no energy now, I’m glad we were able to accomplish as much as we did last week before I got sick.

Brian, Melissa and their three boys returned to Utah today. My parents, Angie and Vance return to New York tomorrow (as long as they’re well enough to fly).

At this season this year I’m so grateful for good family and friends. We are a blessed family. I’m grateful for the stewardship of Eliana and Dominic with which Vickey and I have been blessed and for our comfortable surroundings. Life’s good—not without its challenges—but still very good.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Home on the range

Here are a few photos of Eliana and Dominic from the past few weeks.

This was taken during our trip to Red Rock with the Coglianeses and Seeleys on Nov. 4.

And here are some photos from a recent trip to the hair stylist.

This week Eliana asked Vickey if she could start a letter to Santa with her Christmas wish list. Here she is in the process.

And finally, Dominic had a great time in the back yard yesterday since he figured out how to turn on and off the garden hose. He’s such an active little cuss we can hardly keep up with him. Last night I finally had to strap him to his high chair so he would stop his Tasmanian Devil tour of the kitchen and family room.

In fact, the search is on for our cable and TV remote control. It’s been missing since yesterday. And one guess as to who’s responsible—the Dominator (as the Coglianeses affectionately call him).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

At the Pinnacle Awards

Although I was on the PRSA – Las Vegas Valley Chapter Pinnacle Awards Committee this year, I didn’t submit any work for consideration by the judges. It really came down to a time issue. I ended up supporting the awards through my volunteer time instead of time preparing and submitting entries.

At any rate, today I received the photos from the evening’s festivities and thought this photo of me with local TV personalities Paula Francis and Gary Waddell of KLAS-TV was pretty fun. So here it is.

You can read about Gary and Paula on the Pinnacle Awards website I did (it was my assignment this year to launch the first ever PRSA Pinnacle Awards website). The evening was fun and overall went pretty much according to plan.

The reason I’m pictured here with Paula and Gary is because I worked with Drek Agency earlier this year on a brochure project and they submitted the brochure in the awards competition. We won an award of merit. Since they weren’t in attendance I accepted the award on their behalf.

And here’s Vickey with our friends, Matt and Shannon Hiller (way to keep those eyes open for the photo, Shannon!).

Shannon and I have worked together a few different times. In fact, we both just attended the International PRSA Conference in Salt Lake City. Good times.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dinner and a hair cut

Yesterday I drove to Salt Lake to participate in the 2006 International PRSA Conference. I’m one of the assembly delegates for the Las Vegas Valley Chapter where I’m a board member and past-president. The assembly met last night at Grand America in Salt Lake City – a beautiful, peaceful hotel (I don’t miss the slot machines one bit). We reconvened this morning and spent another 10 hours conducting association business. What a long day!

After today’s marathon assembly meeting where we only voted on eight bylaw amendments and one resolution, as well as conducted the association’s other annual business, I spent the evening with my brother and his family at the Collings’ home. Tomorrow is my sister-in-law’s mother’s birthday. We celebrated with dinner, cupcakes and cheesecake.

To my surprise while we were there Melissa’s sister-in-law, Tracy, pulled out her hair clippers and started trimming Carter and Luke's hair (my nephews). Of course I had to seize the opportunity and have my hair trimmed as well (it was getting bushy after my high and tight hair cut from last month). Now the hair beast is a bit more tamed.

So thanks, Jackie, for dinner, and thanks, Tracy, for the hair cut.

PRSA’s conference will bring about 2,000 public relations professionals and students (members of PRSSA) to Salt Lake City over the next three days. It’s been a couple of years since I attended the leadership conference in New York City so this will be a good refresher for me.

Of course, since the 2004 leadership conference I was on the organizing committee for the 2005 western district conference which we hosted in Las Vegas. And I learned last week that I’m officially on the 2007 western district board as well as assembly delegate for the Las Vegas Valley Chapter. Gotta love all the volunteer opportunities in PRSA.

Speaking of which, I think I may launch an initiative…to host the international PRSA conference in Las Vegas. To me, it’s the perfect venue, and it’s never been held there. They’re already booked three years out, so we’d be looking at 2010. Doesn’t that sound strangely space age? Call me crazy, but I just may make it a personal quest.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to three days of learning and networking with other public relations practitioners. PRSA has launched a conference blog where people can keep up with activities.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rub a dub dub

It seems that since birth Dominic has been a tease. There’s certainly a little devilish streak in him.

He loves his bath. As soon as the water starts running he’s squealing with delight. Then he squeals again when you take him out of the tub.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A visit to Red Rock Canyon

The kids and I accompanied our family friends, the Seeley’s, and Mark and his kids to Red Rock Canyon this past weekend.

We picnicked and went on a hike. It was fun and thanks to the borrowed hiking backpack from Mark, not even too awkward getting Dominic up and down the trail (except for when I had to duck so the tree branches didn’t scratch Dominic’s face).

We even saw some of the wild burros as we left the park.

The Seeley’s came to visit this past weekend. They’re from South Jordan, Utah and wanted to have a break from the daily routine, as well as visit Steve’s brother who lives in Las Vegas. Vickey worked with Cyndy at the Granite School District Mill Hollow summer camp for many years. They’re good friends and good people.

We’re all sickies. Dominic and Vickey have thrown up and Eliana and I have a head cold (most likely a sinus infection in my case). We hear that a bug is going around…probably got it from church.

Here’s a cute photo of Eliana and Dominic waiting for me to get home last night (we had to transfer the car seats because Vickey was headed to a Pampered Chef show). Dominic loves the cleaning tools, the vacuum and duster in particular. He loves to go around the house pretending to vacuum and dust.

I don’t really have anything else to report. Although I do have a few political thoughts since yesterday was election day.

Most of the candidates I voted for here in Nevada were elected, some by very narrow margins. I won’t loose one bit of sleep over votes cast in vain.

I look forward to the day when I meet and come to know an elected U.S. official who is trustworthy.

My take on the “shift of power” newsbytes…it’ll be business as usual. The politicians will continue to do their jobs. Republicans, democrats, independents…it doesn’t matter. We may see a shift in party control next year, and in another six to eight years it’ll shift again.

I think I’ll coin a new term and go on record (at least today) as a 'political non-activist.'

Having said that, I do want to make it clear that I believe each citizen has a right and responsibility to make his or her voice heard. I also think our nation is deeply divided over many issues and soon the majority will call evil good and good evil.

Now I could wax on about religion, but I’ll spare you the dialog. Read Isaiah.

God bless America!