Sunday, November 20, 2005

Growing Up

On Nov. 15 Dominic was four months and one week old. At his doctor’s check-up that day he weighed in at 14.2 pounds (the 23rd percentile for his age group) and 26.5 inches long (the 95th percentile).

(And no, Brian, they didn’t give us a percentile on Dominic’s manhood. We wouldn’t want him reading about his endowment on the web, now would we?)

So you pretty much guessed it, he’s tall and skinny.

He got a clean bill of health and a couple shots that kept him grumpy for half-a-day or so.

Eliana joined the bandwagon and received a couple shots of her own. She made a big deal about getting the shot, cried and wiggled, and all that jazz, then on the way out of the doctor’s office stopped to talk to the nurse, named Raven, to say, “Thank you, Raven, for my shot!”

What a silly girl.

She also asked Vickey on the way out, “Why is she named That’s So Raven?” Those of you with children and the Disney channel will catch the humor in that.

Today was the children’s Primary program in church. Eliana was an eager participant and said her couple lines in the program very well. She wasn’t so accomplished at sitting quietly and reverently in her seat however. There were frequent jumping episodes followed by blowing kisses and waving to her proud albeit embarrassed parents. Gotta love her!

As a treat from the Primary leaders for the splendid sacrament meeting program, the kids were given pixie stick candy. Today was Eliana’s first pixie stick experience. Vickey commented that Eliana had straight sugar for her after lunch treat. Eliana promptly bent the stick so it was curved and said, “It’s not straight now, mom!”

I think she may be smarter than we give her credit for. But then again, I’m her dad.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dominic Rolls

It was bound to happen one of these days, and on Sunday it did … little Dominic did his first roll over trick.

We were hanging out at the Coglianese’s after Sunday dinner and Vickey laid Dominic on his stomach, just like Mijken (Mark and Amber’s baby who’s 3 weeks older than Dominic and recently began rolling over herself).

Sure enough, after not very long, he was moving and kicking those legs and managed to roll right over.

It was earlier that day that he had his first taste of rice cereal.

He’s certainly growing up.

Eliana is filling the role of big sister nicely and manages to help Dominic when his pacifier falls out, although he’s really not fond of his binky.

Tank has topped the list of home irritants lately. He has managed to throw-up three or four times the past few days, leaving our home and the freshly cleaned carpets (from September when we returned to another Tank mess) smelling much like a dog kennel. And much to our chagrin, Tank is also managing to gobble up any food left on the table or countertop, frequently while we’re in the vicinity. Do you think there's a correlation here?

Want a weimaraner, anyone?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Down 16

At today's Weight Watchers weigh-in I was down 16 pounds from week one. And Vickey's not far behind me.

Go team!

Friday, November 11, 2005

The New Office

You’ve probably wondered ‘why the lull in blogs from Pete?’ Well, I have to say it’s pretty much because life has been very crazy busy lately.

On Nov. 1 a business colleague, someone I’ve worked with since moving to Vegas, and I signed a 3-year lease on an 1,100 square foot office in southwest Las Vegas. Since then we’ve been working on all that goes into setting up a new office. It’s taking many, many days.

The highlights are: I faux painted the front reception area and a wall in my office, ordered office new furniture, and set-up a new computer.

There are 4 offices, a reception area and hallway, and a bathroom.

I’ll continue to do my marketing, public relations and advertising consulting and David, my office partner, will continue his web design and online advertising business. Down the road, our two companies could be combined into one agency. For now, we’ll see how things go and cross that bridge when we get to it.

It’s really exciting for me to have my own space and the freedom to make it whatever I want. Like my dad always says, “It just takes time and money.”

As part of the move Codella Marketing is undergoing a facelift. There’s a new corporate identity rollout planned for the near future.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

BYU Conquers UNLV

Grandma and Grandpa Snow joined us to revel in the cremation of UNLV by BYU today. They’re down from Salt Lake for a few days to see the football game, play with the grandkids and take our lodge pole furniture set up to Brian and Melissa for their basement.

I’m working up a master plan for the guest room that includes a scrapbooking room for Vickey and the furniture was too bulky for that space anyway. Brian and Melissa will be able to make good use of it for the next little while, although one of these days I may need to have it back (like when we own a mountain cabin retreat).

We had fun with Gordon and Murriel. Gordon was a big help as I finished up some painting in the new office, waited for carpet cleaners, the electricity and phone hook-up (none of which happened on the day we were there waiting for them).

The kiddies didn’t fare too well at the game and ended up leaving with Vickey and Murriel at half-time, but Gordon and I stuck it out with Mark and Hank (his dad) until the sweet end. It’s not very often you get to watch the cougars win by a 40+ point margin.