Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lying around

This photo montage is inspired by recent shots of the kids, Vickey and Tank takin’ it easy in the family room.

Here are Eliana’s photo skills - a picture of Vickey tickling Dominic.

Here’s Tank lounging on Eliana’s blanket (a regular occurance).

Here’s Eliana upside down on the carpet.

And here’s the true Dominic — chillin’ with a blanket, bowl of popcorn, drink and three pacifiers. Now that’s the life!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We bring good things to life

Since Grandpa Codella works for GE, I thought this title was appropriate.

When Vickey was in Dallas attending the annual Pampered Chef leadership conference the second week of January, her parents were here holding down the fort and hangin’ with the grandkids for a few days. Thank you!

One of the evenings we took Eliana to the mall to redeem some of her Christmas gift card money.

A trip to Build-A-Bear was on the docket and Eliana fell in love with the Hello Kitty stuffed animal. She was so excited to see it get stuffed and choose a heart to kiss and include inside her new furry friend which she named Brieta (Vickey says the name’s from a Barbie movie), and choose an outfit.

The next day Ellie even wheeled Brieta in a small stroller all the way to the grocery store and back when grandma went to pick-up a few items. Ellie loves being the mom for Brieta and tucks her in bed each night.

Thanks Grandma Snow for chipping in the extra dollars to clothe Brieta.

And no, Dominic’s not emotionally scared from being left empty handed when we left Build-A-Bear. He hasn’t said a word about it (then again, his only word remains…’og, for ‘dog’).

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Annual family newsletter

Our summary of 2006 is now posted on in the news section.

You can view our invitation to read the letter by clicking here.

Or you can link directly to the newsletter.

Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Quoted in this week’s In Business Las Vegas

In December of 2005 I completed my Accreditation in Public Relations through the Public Relations Society of America. It was an encouraging accomplishment and one that I worked toward for many months.

This week’s publication of In Business Las Vegas has an article on the Accreditation process and I’m one of the three Las Vegas Valley Chapter members quoted in the article.

You can check it out online.